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In this episode, Claire and I discuss VAMPS: Fresh Blood by Nicole Arend and talk about all sexy times all the sexy time, Hilary Clinton and ball sacs. Okay, actually we talk about Borzak, not ball sacs but... well... if you know you know. If you don't know, listen to the episode.

VAMPS is a boarding school for elite vampires and one dhampir, the first ever dhampir to attend. Dillon has only just found out he's half-vampire and doesn't know his vampire mother, and it seems that not many of his fellow students are excited for him to attend their school. Things change when everyone finds out that Dillon's blood is exceptionally powerful and important, but they don't get better, they get much worse. Will Dillon survive his first year at VAMPS? Why is his blood so important? Who is his mother and why did that make him so special? Read the book, check out our summary, and listen to our episode for all the details!

Until later!


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