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A Study In Charlotte

A Study In Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

Jamie Watson, great great great grandson of Dr. John Watson, doesn't have many friends and he doesn't really want to be playing rugby on scholarship for Sherringford school in Connecticut so near his father, but his mother can't really afford to keep paying his tuition at his school in London, so here he is. There is one aspect of being at Sherringford that he has looked forward to all his life, though. Meeting his other half. His best friend? His soul mate? Charlotte Holmes. All his life he's imagined he and Charlotte to be solving mysteries and going on quests, but his mother has warned him against her. She thinks all the Holmeses are a little off, but as his father says, she's only Watson by marriage. Or was. They're divorced now and Jamie is at school about to meet Charlotte for the first time at a poker game. Except he runs away instead.

A little while later, while deep in thought about Charlotte, Jamie nearly runs into her. He awkwardly introduces himself, but they both already know who the other is without the introductions. Charlotte doesn't seem to be very interested, but as they part, she mentions a dance that's coming up soon. Later, eating lunch on the quad with his roommate and his buddies, one of them looks through Jamie's journal that he would normally keep out of reach of others because he likes to keep his writing private. The other boys ask if he's written dirty stuff in there about Charlotte since they were seen talking the other day. One guy, Dobson, takes it too far, saying he's had his way with her already and talks about her using lots of drugs. This enrages Jamie, who knows that's not true and, since he has quite an anger problem, he punches the guy in the face, then is promptly punched back and pinned down. Charlotte comes up and yells at both boys. She's pretty badass.

Jamie is of course punished for punching Dobson, but it's not all that bad. He can't play rugby or do anything social for a little while, but he gets to keep his rugby scholarship and he can still go to the homecoming dance, though he wishes he couldn't. People are talking about him now, some good and some bad, but things get worse because that same night, Dobson is found murdered in his room and everyone thinks Jamie is responsible and a detective there wants to question him, but the dorm mother, Mrs. Dunham, refuses on his behalf unless a parent is with him. Jamie sneaks out later in search of Charlotte who he finds dressed as a burglar outside in the quad. They both know that neither are responsible for Dobson's murder, and now, Charlotte wants to investigate.

After examining the ground for footsteps, Jamie and Charlotte scale the ivy outside of the building up to Dobson's window, which Charlotte already knows is his. Charlotte has everything she needs to investigate and Jamie is impressed. They look around, or Charlotte does, Jamie mostly panics. Charlotte finds some pieces of evidence that she collects including some spit and some things that look like onion skins, and sees a glass of milk and a slide whistle and a vent above the bed. They sneak back out the window just as people approach the door and then head, separately, to Charlotte's lab, a storage room full of chemistry equipment, in the Sciences building.

While Charlotte does science, Jamie naps on the small bloody loveseat in her little lab. The room is full of books, including a complete Sherlock set, and various other things, like poisons. Classes are canceled for the day, but Jamie is supposed to meet with the detective and his father who he hasn't seen or spoken to in years. Charlotte deduces a lot about Jamie from his trepidation to see his estranged father, but when the time comes, she walks with him and they go in for questioning together. She discovered in her sciencing that Dobson was poisoned and has a vial that probably proves that in her pocket.

Jamie's dad seems quite delightful and even gives Charlotte a hug and tells the detective of the time when she was ten and solved a missing diamonds mystery. They both had alibis for the night of the murder and tell mostly true stories about why they disliked Dobson, with the elder Watson taking notes, seemingly for funsies, but afterward, the detective asks why Charlotte didn't reveal that she had had sex with Dobson and asks why he would have had a Sherlock book from the library. She says she was on a lot of drugs at the time and it wasn't consensual, which makes Jamie really really mad. There's that temper of his again. After punching the wall and speaking to his father, he calms down a little and his father insists that he and Charlotte join him for dinner over the weekend. Charlotte comes out a little bit later, and though Jamie knows about the drugs, come on, she's a Holmes after all, he's still mad about the rape. Charlotte tells him that she gave the vial to the detective and that they're being framed.

After telling Jamie that she doesn't want him to pity her, which he doesn't, she explains how they're being framed but not by whom or why. All of the things they found (the onion skins which are actually snake scales, the milk, the whistle and the vent) are part of the first Sherlock Holmes mystery, though that story included a non-existent swamp adder and this one is a rattlesnake. She also reveals that Dobson was poisoned with arsenic in small amounts coinciding with the day that Jamie punched him, which was only a few days after the rape. Someone who knows Sherlock and Watson's stories is now framing the present day Sherlock and Watson. But why?

Reporters swarm the school after they learn about the murder. The town drug dealer tells them that Charlotte is a murderer and Jamie is her henchman and everyone avoids them because they obviously think they are murderers. Tom, Jamie's roommate, eventually realizes that Jamie is not a murderer, which is good, but instead of spending time in his room, Jamie spends most of it in Sciences 442, Charlotte's lab. They become much closer and fight all the time about silly things and not so silly things, like the fact that Charlotte is still taking drugs. Shortly after that fight, her pills are gone and she's taken up smoking instead, which is not quite as terrible. Jamie gives Charlotte candy and she learns to play Nirvana on her violin. They really do seem to be quite good friends. Now, they need to solve Dobson's murder.

Charlotte wants to go to the school infirmary to see if Dobson had gone there complaining of symptoms of arsenic poisoning and convinces Jamie to talk to Nurse Bryony while she snoops through records. That plan fails so Charlotte decides to sneak in overnight. The next day, Jamie comes to Charlotte's lab after classes to find Detective Shepard leaving. Charlotte tells him about Dobson's records and the arsenic and then about all the poisons she has. It's clear she wants to work with the police, but that's not going so well. Jamie wants to do something to help, so they decide to make a suspect list which includes various exes of theirs... one of which is August Moriarty. Yes. There's a Moriarty descendant, too. Charlotte then puts on a wig and makeup and turns herself into a ditzy California girl in hopes of interrogating students at the school. She tells Jamie to meet up with her later at her poker game.

But she doesn't show. Jamie talks to Lena, Charlotte's roommate, who, unlike everyone else, doesn't think he and Charlotte are murderers. She does think that Jamie is a good match for Charlotte since they're both British and that he came along at just the right time to cure Charlotte from missing August. Wait. August Moriarty? Surely not. Lena explains she overheard Charlotte talking to her older brother Milo about August and that he said he would deal with him. Hmm. Lena changes the subject to the homecoming dance and if Jamie has asked Charlotte, but no. He doesn't think she'd want to go. But where is she? Jamie leaves Lena with Tom when he arrives to go find Charlotte.

Charlotte is passed out asleep in her room, still in her California-babe costume. She tells Jamie she didn't learn anything interrogating first year students but she did pickpocket a few of them. They decide to use that stolen money and Lena's car to go get a late night breakfast. In the parking lot at 3:00 am after they eat, a car quickly drives away from them, so of course they follow at breakneck speeds. Charlotte describes seeing someone who Jamie thinks looks like the school dealer, but Charlotte doesn't think so. The driver eventually crashes and runs off into the woods. Jamie and Charlotte try to catch him but it's no use. Charlotte now thinks it was one of her brother Milo's men checking up on her and investigating Jamie. Why else would they have had on very expensive shoes? Charlotte takes something from the car and they head back to school.

Homecoming arrives but Jamie has no plans to attend. He's kind of worried about a lot of things, you know, school, homework, everyone thinking he's a murderer... Mrs. Dunham stops by since everyone else is at the dance and they talk about poetry because Jamie is struggling with that bit of his homework, but then Charlotte arrives in a stunning dress and gives him to the count of 100 to be ready to go to the dance. The dance is pretty mediocre and they split up and spend it talking to suspects, like Jamie's teacher, Mr. Wheatley, whose date says he knows a lot about Dobson, and Bryony, the school nurse, who seems to like watching teen boys.

Jamie finds Charlotte outside near the end of the dance looking at a notebook, the thing she took from the car, and it is filled with scrawls in Charlotte's own handwriting that she is a murderer. It's a forger's notebook, so she obviously didn't write over and over again that she's a murderer, but it's discomfiting nonetheless. Jamie knows that Charlotte didn't kill Dobson, but this notebook says she's a murderer. Did she kill August Moriarty? He asks, which is the exact wrong thing to do, and Charlotte storms away. Jamie catches her and turns her around, again, wrong thing to do, don't touch without permission, but then that is forgotten when they nearly trip over another body. Oh for fuck's sake.

Jamie and Charlotte tend to the girl, Elizabeth, who is choking on something. Charlotte reaches down her throat and removes... a sparkling blue diamond. Just like the Sherlock Holmes story "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle" except it's a plastic diamond and not a real jewel. As people are rushing around, calling 911 and also shouting that Jamie and Charlotte are murderers again, they spot the blond guy from their car chase and take off after him.

This chase leads to service tunnels for the school and to a secret underground murder lair that appears at first to be Charlotte's secret underground murder lair. Of course it's *not* her secret underground murder lair, it's far too obvious for that. The police arrived at the scene just before they chased the guy and now they're here at the secret underground murder lair, too, but the blond guy is nowhere to be found, and so Jamie and Charlotte are handcuffed and have to go in for questioning.

At the station, they are put in separate rooms and Charlotte's interview is first. Jamie thinks things over and plans out what he's going to say, almost convincing himself that he is indeed a murderer, but then a speaker crackles to life and he can hear Charlotte's interview. She's telling the detective that she had been in the murder lair before but with the campus drug dealer doing hard drugs which would explain any old fingerprints they may have found. The detective then tries to pin everything on Jamie, suggesting that he's her lapdog or lackey, but she, surprisingly, stands up for him. She insists that they call Scotland Yard as a reference to her skills, and then the interviews stop when Jamie's dad arrives to take him home. Charlotte comes too of course.

They sleep until evening the next day and when Jamie wakes he finds Charlotte in the kitchen with his dad. While they wait for Detective Shepard to come by, Jamie's dad gets to listen as Charlotte and Jamie work out that he and Charlotte's Uncle Leander, who is Jamie's dad's best friend and former roommate, have orchestrated Jamie's rugby scholarship which brought him to Connecticut and to school with Charlotte. It's pretty gross and Jamie is mad, but then the detective arrives. Jamie thinks they're going to be arrested and hauled away but Charlotte has a plan. Charlotte always has a plan.

Shepard has a photo lineup of drug dealers and Jamie picks out the guy they've been seeing, who calls himself John Smith and who turned himself in that morning. That's odd. Then, while Shepard is interviewing them, he gets a phone call. Lena, Charlotte's roommate, was attacked by a man in a ski mask shortly after a mysterious package containing a small ivory box was delivered to their room. This is another Sherlock story, “The Adventure of the Dying Detective,” about Culverton Smith, a man who was foiled by Sherlock and who believes he has infected and is killing the detective by inserting a poisoned spring in a box and mailing it to him. Sherlock always inspects his mail and is faking the whole thing, of course. In this instance, Lena was in on the plot, anxious to help her friend at the exact moment when she needed it. Shepard now believes that Charlotte and Jamie are innocent because why would a Holmes set up this elaborate hoax? Clearly the detective doesn't know how clever Charlotte and her family are. After this, Charlotte and Jamie are allowed to assist in the case, but if they don't have it solved in a month, they're not allowed to help anymore.

Charlotte insists that Detective Shepard send her information about the snake from Dobson's death and pretty much all school records, especially those for students and faculty from Europe. He doesn't want to but he eventually agrees. A little later, Jamie decides to go see Elizabeth at the hospital. He learns that the unknown guy who attacked her said "Give my regards to Charlotte Holmes" before running away. Well that can't be good. Jamie and Charlotte spend quite some time after this watching security footage, trying to find out if the drug dealer they've seen is John Smith, but they can't spot him. Jamie asks Shepard if he can visit with John Smith, just to see him, but he hanged himself just that morning. Darn! Off to the morgue! While there, they discover that John Smith is associated with the Moriartys. Gasp!

Jamie spends some time after this obsessing over all the Moriartys. Who could be behind this? Not Hadrian and Phillipa, they're art collectors. Not Lucien, he's an advisor for British Parliament. He does have a lot of money he uses to pay people off though... Maybe it's August, Lucien's younger brother who maybe Charlotte killed? Jamie still doesn't know and internet searches show nothing about him for the last two years. Jamie's got all this murder-boarded all over Charlotte's lab and she comes in to find it with information about John Smith. He was Phillipa's driver until he disappeared a few months ago. So is Phillipa behind all this? Surely not. Charlotte thinks that maybe ALL the Moriartys are involved somehow, like a rat king, all twisted up in each others' lives. So, they start researching.

Or … Charlotte does. Jamie is left far behind since he's not able to think in the same way Charlotte does, though he does still think August is behind everything. Jamie reaches out to his dad for help in dealing with Charlotte's study habits and obsessions and he replies with an email containing a 120+ step guide to assisting a Holmes which Jamie finds quite useful. There's information about looking out for opiates, not eating any of their food, when he'll receive a compliment and how to convince them to do something without it seeming pushy.

To try to help in some way, Jamie suggests he chat up some of his rugby bros for details about Dobson, but Charlotte thinks he's a terrible liar and that he won't do a good job investigating unless he goes through a rigorous training session with her. His chat with the ruggers starts out miserably, but he eventually learns that Dobson was taking prescription protein powder that he got from the nurse, so he definitely needs to talk to her, or get Charlotte a way in to investigate. How does he do that? A spectacularly impressive save in rugby practice that gives him a concussion.

When Jamie comes to in the infirmary, Charlotte is swooning over him. Nurse Bryony is there too, and when she leaves the room, Charlotte tells Jamie that she found some empty prescription protein powders, but that they only tasted like powder, nothing poisonous. They also realize that Nurse Bryony's speech patterns, while sounding American, are definitely British, but since she's only in her early twenties, it's unlikely that Charlotte could have unknowingly wronged her in some way as a child. While Charlotte knows Bryony's hiding something, she's probably not responsible, but they remain wary of her anyway. Jamie really thinks they should be investigating August Moriarty, but Charlotte dismisses this idea.

When Jamie is finally able to leave the infirmary, Mrs. Dunham escorts him back to his room and gets him tucked in bed. She shares with him that the Sherlock Holmes stories were her favorite as a kid and that she's glad he and Charlotte are friends. Tom comes in then with some dinner and asks a lot of questions about Charlotte, but then she comes in, too, telling Jamie that she's got a date. It's fake of course, but then she and Jamie send texts back and forth while talking aloud about her fabricated date about Mr. Wheatley, Jamie's teacher, and his brother who has a snake farm. Seriously? Now Jamie's going to have to figure out a way to talk to his writing teacher, about snakes?

After class, Jamie hangs back to ask Mr. Wheatley for help. Jamie is a good writer, but he's struggling with how to include Dobson's death in his work. Mr. Wheatley agrees that Jamie is very good, but if he needs help, they should write things down, so he gets out a legal pad and begins working through details with Jamie. Mr. Wheatley knows an awful lot about everything, even that Dobson was bitten by a snake, and he seems to know even more about Charlotte and her brother Milo. This is weird and Jamie immediately suspects him, but then he rips the paper out and gives it to Jamie after writing the phone number of a therapist at the top.

Back in Charlotte's lab, after Jamie recounts his chat with Wheatley and the fact that he doesn't think either he or Bryony are responsible and that they should be talking about August Moriarty, Charlotte accuses Jamie of being jealous. Jamie suggests that they take a night off and go eat pancakes and start again the next day, or even call in Charlotte's family for help, but she gets furious. She tells Jamie he's extraordinarily useless and that she could probably solve all of this faster without him.

Jamie goes back to his room and finds Tom in there watching porn and eating Jamie's food. Normally it's fine that they share things, but he's pissed off about everything right now. He starts talking aloud about how Charlotte's acting and Tom tells Jamie about a bad friend he used to have, then he asks for more details about what he and Charlotte have been dealing with. Jamie explains everything, about how he just talked to Wheatley and the concussion he got to investigate Bryony and the Moriartys. Tom agrees that Charlotte is being unreasonable, but then he leaves to meet up with Lena. Jamie sits on his bed, still mad, and sees a reflection from Tom's mirror into his own and spots a weird light shining from behind it.

Jamie looks closer and discovers there is a hidden camera behind his mirror that turns out to be one-way. He flips out with rage and shatters the mirror, then tears apart everything else on his side of the room and finds two audio recording devices, too. As he's destroying his room, there's a commotion outside and Mrs. Dunham tries to come in to see what's going on. When Jamie realizes everything he's said to Tom since Dobson's murder and everything about Wheatley and Bryony and August, he knows he's got to find Charlotte. He opens the door to find Mrs. Dunham is still there, and she's got terrible news. The science building has exploded. Jamie takes off, hoping Charlotte is still alive… Luckily she is. Charlotte had gone to the bathroom when the bomb planted in her lab went off, but everything in there was completely destroyed, and she very nearly was. Jamie's dad arrives and takes them back to his house.

The school is blaming the explosion as a gas leak and has canceled classes for the rest of the semester, but will allow students back in their dorms to retrieve their belongings in short shifts after determining the buildings are safe. Jamie's dad doesn't believe the gas leak story since Jamie's hands are full of glass and, you know, he and Charlotte are in the middle of a murder investigation. Jamie explains about the cameras he found and asks his dad to give them to Detective Shepard, then he goes to the guest room he's sharing with Charlotte.

Jamie finds Charlotte asleep in the bed and pulls up an air mattress on the floor next to it. As he's looking down at her, she wakes, startled, and decides they need to get back to work. Jamie convinces her to go back to sleep, but before she does, she apologizes for being so awful to him. He starts to apologize, too, but she stops him and tells him that she had to do something to get him out of the lab because she received a note from the murderer saying:



The next day, Detective Shepard comes by and they examine the note more closely. It's printed on regular printer paper in a pretty girly font and it has a misspelling and a British spelling, and it smells like perfume, a very expensive and rare perfume that Charlotte has that was given to her by August Moriarty. Charlotte convinces the detective to interrogate Bryony because she seems like the most likely culprit. Jamie leaves the room, pretending to need more sleep, but he actually goes to his dad for research help about what happened to August since Charlotte refuses to say anything about him.

Jamie reads the articles his dad has collected over the years and learns that August was a tutor for Charlotte because her parents were trying to get rid of the bad blood between their families. Fourteen year old Charlotte had a crush on twentyish year old August, but it was unrequited. To get back at him for spurning her love, Charlotte had August get her some cocaine, which she had already been using for years. When his brother Lucien showed up with the drugs, so did the police, and August's life went down the drain and he disappeared. So it's clearly August behind all this because Charlotte ruined his life, but Charlotte refuses to see the connection. Jamie decides to take matters into his own hands by using Charlotte's phone to text her brother Milo for help.

A little while later, Charlotte tells Jamie that while he is in his dorm room gathering his things, she will go search Bryony's apartment, but Jamie says he'd rather go with her. Charlotte looks at Jamie then and can tell by his dour expression that he's learned some things about her that she would rather he not know. He asks her again to tell him about August but instead of talking, she storms away. Jamie decides to give her some time to herself but after about an hour, he remembers his dad's 120+ step Holmes list which mentions, as numbers one and two, looking for hidden opiates in the heels of a Holmes' shoes and destroying them.

Jamie finds Charlotte under the porch, wasted on oxycodone, but at least she didn't overdose. She spends some time telling Jamie that he means nothing to her and that she has no feelings because her parents forced them out of her after it was revealed she had a crush on August and then ruined his life. His parents disowned him and he got kicked out of Oxford, and now he's all on his own working a data entry job for Milo. He's completely forgiven Charlotte even though he had to leave his entire life, his family and his fiancée behind. If only he'd told Charlotte about his fiancée! It's not like she would have killed her or anything!

Wait. August had a fiancée? What was her name? Charlotte never knew, so she calls Milo, who is about to get on a flight her way, but for business, not to have anything to do with her or anything, and asks. He refuses to tell her thinking that she's going to eat her or something, but after the call ends, he texts the name. Bryony Davis. Ooh shit. It really is Nurse Bryony! But how are the Moriartys using her? They decide to break into her apartment together while she's at the police station and have plans to have enough evidence for Detective Shepard to arrest her before his interrogation is over. When they arrive at her apartment, most of the furniture is gone and there are goons emptying out her cabinets. Milo is sitting in the living room, waiting.

Charlotte is mad that Milo is there and has taken over because she had everything handled! Milo disagrees and tries to convince her to see that the Moriarty agent who was copying her handwriting and Bryony are working together, that the Moriartys are involved, but Charlotte still doesn't want to see that and still wants Bryony taken care of. Fine. Milo gives in and agrees to bring all the furniture he had his goons remove for his special agents to investigate back to the apartment. If they hadn't moved everything, Charlotte would have had enough evidence to lock Bryony away, but now, they'll have to gather more. Then Jamie points out that there is a piece of snake skin on the floor, which freaks Milo out. He's put a tracking device on Bryony's car and she looks to have gone to the police station, so after everything is put back the way it was, Jamie decides to keep his appointment to gather his stuff from his dorm.

When Jamie gets to his room with Tom and the officer who is escorting them, he has completely forgotten about trashing it looking for surveillance equipment. Tom freaks out, but not because the room is a mess but because the equipment is gone. Now he's never going to get his money! Uh, what? It turns out, Tom planted the camera and microphones to record everything Jamie and Charlotte said and did for Mr. Wheatley who is stealing Jamie's life story for a new book series and is going to share some of his advance money with Tom. Seriously?! As Jamie opens his closet to get his clothes, he feels something stab into his knuckle. Written inside the closet is: YOU HAVE TWENTY-FOUR HOURS TO LIVE UNLESS SHE GIVES ME WHAT I WANT XOXO CULVERTON SMITH. Oh shit. Jamie's been poisoned. He shambles out of the dorm, not really knowing where he's going, and passes out. Luckily Charlotte finds him.

When Jamie wakes up, he starts having hallucinations and has no idea where he is or what's going on. Luckily, the next time he comes to, Charlotte is there with a German doctor who specializes in biochemical warfare and he knows what Bryony has used on him and is working on a cure. Bryony has one, of course, and texted Charlotte that unless she gives her three million dollars, plane tickets, and turns herself in for Dobson's murder, she won't give them the antidote for Jamie's poison and he'll die, so that's what Charlotte is doing. Before leaving the room to let him rest, Charlotte kisses Jamie and tells him that's all she'll be able to do right now and maybe forever because of Dobson, but that's enough for Jamie who is a little swoony at her touch.

When Jamie wakes up again, he hears Bryony in the next room and falls out of his sick bed trying to get to her. Charlotte and Milo come to his aid and before going back in the other room to face Bryony again, Charlotte tells Jamie that when he sees her blink twice, he needs to make his final move. Uh, he's basically a walking corpse but… okay? Jamie asks Bryony why she killed Dobson and why she's got it in for them, and so, to grant his dying wish, she tells him. It's not a pretty story.

Bryony said she knew Dobson was marked for death by Charlotte and Jamie, so she gave him protein powder laced with arsenic, but he started coming to see her before that, at the beginning of the school year, and kept coming back because she's just so pretty. Once he met Charlotte, he asked Bryony about hard drugs and the effects they had on people during sex, so Bryony knew he was targeting Charlotte. She told him that any girl would feel euphoric during sex while high on drugs, which lead to Dobson raping Charlotte. Bryony knew she was a little slut after what she did to her sweet Augie, which, she claims, ruined her entire life. After August was disowned by his family and kicked out of school, Bryony says he killed himself, and, since the Moriartys had been taking care of her because her own family was terrible, she was alone. She was going to be a doctor! But now, here she is with Charlotte about to go to jail for murder. Just what Bryony always wanted and what Charlotte deserves. Too bad she doesn't know that August is alive and well.

At the end of the story, Charlotte blinks twice and Jamie falls to the floor. As Bryony startles at Jamie's collapse, everyone sees she has a gun under her coat. Charlotte rushes to the bedroom to get a blanket and when she comes back, she has a gun pointed at Bryony. Charlotte tells Bryony she knows where she hid Jamie's antidote, in his own dorm room based on the one-way glass embedded in the soles of her shoes, and that one of her brother's men has gone to retrieve it and will arrive any moment. She also says she knows she's wearing a wire and that Lucien Moriarty has been helping her the entire time because there's no way she did any of this on her own. She's right, of course, and then Milo's phone rings.

Lucien tells Charlotte that he set all this up to get back at her and that he used Bryony to do it, pulling Jamie in because he's clearly the only thing Charlotte cares about. It's not like she couldn't just break out of jail if she were arrested, so hurting Jamie would be an actual punishment. Now however, Jamie's antidote is on its way, so it seems he has been foiled. Bryony pretends to have known all of this, but no one believes her. Charlotte suggests that Milo do with her what he does best… disappear her. Jamie's antidote arrives and is administered, so now everything's going to be fine.

Five days later, Jamie and Charlotte are planning what they'll do when they're back in London. Detective Shepard came by, furious at Charlotte for taking on a murderer while her friend was dying and then disappearing her, but then she gives him a flashdrive Milo used to record Bryony's confession. Jamie then tells Shepard about Mr. Wheatley and his recording devices, so that's all wrapped up, too. Jamie's dad asks about him probably not coming back from London, but he assures him that he will be returning because he has a rugby scholarship after all. Finally, even though they're kind of snuggled together, Charlotte tells Jamie he doesn't have to pretend he's forgiven her for all she's done, for not telling him about August, for not telling him about Bryony threatening his life, but none of that matters because he has forgiven her anyway.

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