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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Check out our episode here! (features Loved, Lost and Forgotten) Lost by PC Cast and Kristin Cast

Lost begins not in the grotto where we last left Zoey, but with Other Kevin as he steps through the portal back into his own world. He gets to work right away, using his red vampyre mind-reading powers to "borrow" a human's car and drive to see Grandma Redbird. She is wary of him and refuses to invite him into her home until he gives her a pouch the Grandma from Zoey's world gave him. It's exactly like the one she is currently wearing around her neck with a note inside to trust him, written in her own handwriting. Interesting. She of course invites him in. He tells the story of what happened in Zoey's world and that he has to be the one to stop Neferet in this world. She listens thoughtfully and immediately agrees to help. She takes him to the hideout of the Resistance Rebels because of course Grandma Redbird is a member of the Resistance. They are hidden on an alfalfa and scottie dog farm that belongs to one of Grandma's friends, Tina. When they arrive it takes a little bit for Tina to realize that Kevin is not a bad red vampyre because in this world they are literally all bad. Every single one of them. Trusting in Grandma Redbird, she gives in and lets them pass to find the Resistance. Hopefully it goes well and he can convince them that he's the one that will destroy Neferet.

Zoey is super stressed and worried about Kevin and about the fact that Heath is alive and well in Kevin's world. Jack offers to help relieve some of Zoey's stress by teaching her yoga. She turns him down but offers to let him teach a class at school. To relieve some stress in the best way she knows how, she goes to visit the stables and takes a nap with Persephone, her favorite horse. She dreams of being a regular fledgling again, but then Neferet comes to visit her dorm room. Neferet says that her stepfather has come to visit so they walk to the east wall to meet him. (Warning! Warning! East Wall is bad!) When they get out there, the steploser is nowhere near. Then Neferet decapitates Zoey with a sword to start her war. Oh no! This is Other Zoey! This is how she died! Before she wakes up, her head tells her YOU HAVE TO HELP KEVIN STOP HER. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. Stark comes to her but she doesn't tell him about her dream.

Kevin and Grandma travel down the path from Tina's house leading to the Resistance and are met by Dragon Lankford. He doesn't believe that Kevin is changed and is not controlling Grandma, so he swings his sword at them. Kevin takes the blade to the back and is wounded pretty badly. Dragon's mate Anastasia arrives then with a Raven on her shoulder. Grandma implores them to smell his blood to see that he's changed. Anastasia believes but Dragon does not. Erik Night and Johnny B show up to help and Dragon sends them to make sure the red army isn't going to ambush them since they've clearly sent Kevin and Grandma here. They bandage Kevin and head to the encampment where Anastasia sews his wound while he tells Dragon his story. Dragon has trouble believing, then Anastasia's raven flies in cawing Danger! and Erik rushes up to say the red army is on its way. Dragon tries again to behead Kevin, but he backs away saying he'd do anything to hide them. His back wound splashes blood on the rock wall which calls Old Magick spirits to him. He asks them to hide the group from the army and pays with his blood.

Blue general Other Stark and lieutenant Other Dallas are leading a red army to check out the alfalfa farm completely coincidentally. Stark hates the red army, (really he only cares about himself... and Nyx... but he definitely can't let Neferet know that). Dallas turns off the electric fence and they investigate the farm. Suddenly, Stark sees a sprite fly by and then there is an ice storm that stops the red fledglings from being able to continue. Stark thinks the sprites are there to protect the ancient Creek Indian lands, so they leave. Was that a sign from Nyx that Neferet is doing good work, or was it a sign that she's doing terrible work?

After they are safe from the army, Kevin calls the sprites again and asks them to make the cave larger and to shield it so they will be safe from discovery until they no longer need protection. He pays them with Grandma Redbird's medicine bags. Each time he calls the sprites, his payments will have to be increasingly more interesting. (Maybe he shouldn't call them so much?) Zoey feels the old Magick that Kevin is using. She's having a conversation with Stevie Rae and Kramisha about Kramisha taking Stevie Rae's place in Chicago when it hits her. Stark comes running, and so does the rest of the nerd herd. She decides she needs to use old Magick herself to ask what's going on. She calls for an earth sprite and Oak emerges. Oak is the same sprite that helped Kevin. She tells them that Kevin and Grandma Redbird and their group are being shielded by earth Magick. Zoey asks Oak to relay a message to them, but she will not, and she leaves.

Kevin sneaks onto the Other House of Night campus, planning to go to the morgue to find some dead red blood to perfume himself with so he can blend in enough to spy on what the armies are planning. He finds Other Aphrodite in the morgue meditation garden praying to Nyx. Neferet appears and chastises her for having a vision and not telling her about it. The vision was of Blue vampyres being killed by the red army in a field of wheat. She says she can't give any more details, which Neferet doesn't understand and hates. As she leaves, Neferet threatens to send Aphrodite to live with the red fledglings if she doesn't start acting the way she's expected to. Aphrodite stays, complaining to Nyx about Neferet, which makes Kevin laugh from the shadows. They talk about being sad about things they've lost and then Aphrodite leaves. She was only semi-terrible. That's a good sign.

Kevin sneaks to the field house, hoping to get into the basement. On his way he hears guards talking about a meeting Neferet planned, perfect! He can't get into the basement because the door is locked so he calls old Magick again to unlock the door. He better stop! Meanwhile, in Zoey's world, she's planning a sexy evening with Stark. Wearing only an old, holey t-shirt, she plans for them to eat nachos on the floor and watch Game of Thrones. As they're making out, Zoey gets a twingle of old Magick again and decides she's got to do something. Kevin is using it too much without knowing the consequences.

In the basement, Kevin finds guns. Lots of guns and grenade launchers and machine guns. Neferet has taken over the surrounding states and now has guns to use to advance her armies. He's got to tell Dragon before the briefing. He's stopped on his way out by other Stark and other Dallas and pretends that he got lost coming back from a mission given to him by Dominic which is why he has no idea where they are. Stark feels like something is wrong and assumes Neferet is doing things without telling him, so he invites Kevin to go to the briefing with him. So much for talking to Anastasia's raven and telling Dragon about the guns! As they're heading to the briefing, Aphrodite approaches. She's a hag from hell again in this world, but Kevin wouldn't know that. He thinks she looks thin and worn and is covering up for how she really feels on the inside. Stark mentions that Aphrodite might be joining them on the battlefield soon and that she should have more respect for the red vampyres that put themselves on the line every day.

Aphrodite is hiding something. She's hated Neferet since she saw the slaughter of Lenobia, Travis and the horses. At the briefing, Neferet says the tides are turning in the war, but not for them. Stark says he's noticed something changing. He calls Kevin forward to tell what happened to the missing squadron and he makes up a huge lie. And Aphrodite realizes it. Then she pretends to have a vision about being killed in a field by red vampyres. She pretends to faint, and Kevin catches her and they have a whispered conversation about each of them being fake. Are they on the same side? After the "vision," Neferet declares she's sending Aphrodite out with the army to find the right field. They clearly hate each other and Neferet is trying to get rid of her. Kevin also gets to go on this mission with Stark. He slips away after the briefing to alert The Resistance.

Kevin can't find Anastasia's raven to alert them, so he calls on old Magick again to find him. Come on! He pays the sprites with some of Aphrodite's hair that he accidentally pulled out when he caught her. The Raven appears and he writes a message about the guns hidden in the basement and the attack on the field. Zoey decides she has to tell Kevin to stop using old Magick and is going to use Kramisha's old Kalona poem to open a way between worlds. Stark is getting frustrated because Zoey keeps disappearing and lying to him about where she's going. He follows her and it turns out she goes to Heath's grave and has been talking to him even though he's dead. Stark is jealous because she's been talking to a dead guy instead of him and her circle. He's also upset because Other Kevin told her about Heath being alive in his world. Stark talks to Stevie Rae about it and they realize that Zoey is going to go to Kevin's world. Zoey's at Heath's grave now but this time her Kevin shows up. They talk about her going to the Other World and he offers to go with her. But of course that can't happen because he's not a vampyre and would probably definitely die there.

In the Other World, Aphrodite goes to the field with Kevin, Stark and Dallas. Looks like Kevin's message got through because there are no Resistance blue vampyres hiding anywhere. Aphrodite and Kevin start to have a conversation about why Kevin is different and why he doesn't want anyone else to die but they are interrupted by Stark. Aphrodite goes for a walk and sees the Resistance walking through a river below them and goes to tell them to run away, but Dragon kidnaps her. Kevin follows her and goes to talk to Dragon and tell him to let Aphrodite go, but he's a wienerbag. Stark and Dallas yell down from the ridge looking for her and Kevin. She yells that she's peeing and puts on a good bitchy show that makes them leave. Dragon sees that he can trust her and invites her to join the Resistance, but she can't. She goes back to Stark and tells him she's leaving and makes Kevin drive her back to the House of Night. She gets him to tell her everything then sends him shopping for new clothes for him and says she has a plan. Aphrodite's plan is to make Kevin her personal soldier and servant. She lets him stay with her in her opulent room at the House of Night.

Zoey plans to go to the Other World just like Stark and Stevie Rae knew she would. The last time she talked to Oak, she was tasked with healing the tree at the east wall in order to open a portal to the Other World. The whole nerd herd is there, minus Stark who shows up later, super jealous of Heath. Ugh. Zoey tells them her plan to take Rephaim and Stevie Rae to Other World to release Other Kalona. They cast their circle to smudge and heal the tree to open the portal, but they do it to a song. And we all cringe. It was going to be Queen, which would have been awesome, but instead it's the My Favorite Things song. Thanks Jack. Ugh. Why don't you go fall on a sword?

They travel from the House of Night to Other Grandma Redbird's and she takes them to the Resistance. When they arrive, it is almost sunrise, so they explain to everyone that Rephaim is about to turn into a bird, but he... doesn't. Anastasia reasons that he has no penance to pay Nyx in this world, so he gets to remain human. Aww! How amazing!

Other Aphrodite tells Other Neferet and Other Stark that Kevin is going to drive her to Dallas for some retail therapy, but really they're going to the Resistance. Neferet demands that she be back for the football game she has planned for the next night. As they leave Neferet's office, Aphrodite has a vision, one like in Zoey's world where her eyes bleed and she goes blind. She's never had one of those before. She saw what Neferet is going to do at the game and it obviously isn't good. They get to the Resistance and of course Dragon is a bag of dicks and doesn't want to let Aphrodite ever leave again because she's going to go tell Neferet where they are. Ugh you wienerbag, she clearly can't see. Fuck off.

Zoey tells her that she started getting bloody eye visions in her world when she decided to be on Nyx's side and gave the red fledglings their humanity back, so this Aphrodite is obviously on the right track. Aphrodite reveals what it is that Neferet is going to do at the game... She's going to let the red fledgling army eat the losing team. Zoey talks about how she was trafficking with Darkness in her world and had tendrils that she treated like children, but only those who had dealt with Darkness too could see them. Kevin saw some in her office when Aphrodite had her vision. Uh oh. She's on her way to becoming a Tsi Sgili in this world too. Zoey plans to sneak the Resistance into the football game by using stage makeup to cover their marks. They're all sure Neferet and her minions will pay no attention to humans at the game. She's going to cast a circle to surround the stadium and when the red army starts to eat the losing team, she and Kevin are going to call Oak and get the sprites to balance the darkness scales and grant the reds their humanity. Aphrodite agrees to pay the old Magick price even if it means losing her mark in this world too because it's the right thing to do and hopefully it will help her atone for all the bad and selfish things she has done.

Skip that Zoey is mopey about being away from Stark. It's been like, less than a day. Yeah, he's a dick for not understanding that she didn't go to see Heath but to save the world, blah blah. He's a jealous wienerbag in this one. Get over yourself and get ready for this football game because you know it's going to be bad. One good thing from this bit... Other Nala shows up and chooses Kevin! Aww! Instead, let's talk about Other Stark and how he's worried about Neferet's plan to have the red army stationed at the football game because clearly they're going to eat everyone. He thinks she's changing. He maybe even sees the tendrils of Darkness.

Kevin and Other Aphrodite talk about the Zoey world Aphrodite, which leads to them talking about them. They kiss. A lot. And then have sex. They love each other and have bonded. Now it's time to go to the football game. While there, Zoey sees Heath. And she sees him kiss a cheerleader. Ugh. Other Aphrodite and Other Neferet are in the press box watching the game, which Neferet thinks is terribly boring. She asks about Kevin and says Stark didn't order him to follow Aphrodite. Hmm... Since she is bored, she announces at halftime that the red army is going to eat the losing team. That went about as well as anyone would expect. Heath led everyone in holding their fists up in protest. Zoey calls the circle and announces that the Resistance is there to save everyone. She and Kevin use air to get to the press box. All our friends in the box, Aphrodite, Stark, Kevin and Zoey, stand against Neferet. Stark calls off Neferet's kill order and asks Zoey to prove she is working with Nyx, not Neferet. She and Kevin call the sprites and ask them to cure the abomination of the red vampyres. Neferet tries to get Oak to listen to her and believe that she speaks for Nyx. Oak laughs and says Neferet hasn't worked for Nyx in a century. Oak takes Aphrodite down to the field to complete her sacrifice while Neferet escapes on tendrils of Darkness.

Other Aphrodite's sacrifice is much worse than simply losing her mark. She is dying. Kevin holds her, and as she dies, she tells him she loves him. Crying ensues. Nyx comes to talk to them then and explains why Aphrodite died. She told the red vampyres that they weren't responsible for what they did and takes away their sorrow. She gifts Kevin with a new tattoo across the scar Dragon gave him on his back and tells Oak to take the three back to their world with no further payment. When they get back, they are greeted by their friends and are filled with love, always love.

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